Butch Harmon has teaches Golf Digest an easy way to start hitting better chip shots.

Do you struggle with your little chip shots
around the green?
Gosh I hate to say this word, have the yips?
Let me show you what happens and then I’m gonna show you
how you can get out of it.
Well when you have the yips what happens is
as you come into this chip your left arm
just stops and freezes, and you just
scoop at it with your right hand.
Those of you who have struggled with this shot
know the feeling because you’re like this.
You usually will bone it across the green or hit it fat.
So here’s what I want you to do.
I want you to hit some chip shots
and as you come in, just let go of the club with
your right hand and keep your left arm going.
Because the yips are caused when the left arm stops
and the right hand takes over.
This is what it looks like.
Normal setup, ball back, hands forward,
let the left keep going.
If you let the left arm keep going,
you get out of those yips.

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Butch Harmon Shows an Easy Way To Hit Better Chip Shots | Chipping Tips | Golf Digest

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