When the Bosch CORE18V battery technology was announced at the 2017 World of Concrete, we knew we had to get a pack in-house for some testing. The new packs use 20700 lithium-ion battery cells as opposed to the traditional 18650 cells. The Panasonic/Sanyo 20700 cells are larger in both length and diameter and allow each cell to output greater amounts of power before overheating.

This means that these new batery packs can output more current before hitting their limits. Look for Bosch CORE18V battery packs to start shipping with some of their newer permium tools as well as new cordless concrete products that can really benefit from the additional power draws. These packs are also air-cooled, so they charge faster, and the chargers can cool down the packs more quickly after they’re used hard. That means charging starts more quickly as well.

Pricing isn’t bad either. The new packs come in at about a $20 premium over Bosch’s existing 6.0Ah packs. Figure somewhere in the neighborhood of $149.

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