How to bay park in a car park between two cars and also a car and a pillar

In a previous video we had a look at how to do bay parking in an empty car park. This time we make it bit more tense by bay parking between two cars. Then making it even harder by bay parking next to a pillar and a car. This is a UK driving test manoeuvre, but you won’t have to bay park between cars.

It’s better to turn too early into the bay rather than too late. If you turn too early then you can always steer a little to the right again and adjust. Turning too late into the bay and you’ll have no option but to drive forward out of the bay re-adjust and then reverse back in.

Eventually you will find a good reference point as to when to turn into the bay and always successfully bay park. The reference points in this video vary from car to car and are only a rough guide.

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