Here you can find the video about advanced tactics we mention in the video, definitely check this one out as well:

For a beginner, tactics in doubles and mixeddoubles can be a little overwhelming. Where to stand and how to move on court, where to attack and what to do during the serve? The bad news: There is no easy answer to these questions and a lot depends on your level, skills and especially the situation you are in. The good news: there are certain guidlines and rules of thumb that should help you to be a lot more successful right from the beginning and to get a better idea of how to play doubles and mixed doubles. In the video I am going to cover them and I am super happy that Australia’s top shuttler Gronya Somerville is joining me!

Here a short overview about the different sections and topics in the video:
0:00 Introduction
0:53 Basic Positioning
2:00 Fight for the Lift
3:53 Where to Attack
5:11 Defensive Position
6:10 Block and follow up
7:10 Moving in Defense
8:03 Outro

—Additional Info———————————————————————-
Please keep in mind, that the players in the video are world class athletes, and some of the shots and tactics they use may differ in some cases from the basic advice. Elite players have a great awareness of the situation they are in and have a good understanding of their partners actions. That’s why they sometimes can play shots that may go against the basic guidleines or position a little different but still score points. Anticipation and intuition about what will happen next helps them to do so and breaking out of certain patterns can be essential to win on that level.

—More Videos———————————————————————-
On my channel you will also find many more videos and more tutorials about double tactics will follow soon. So far you can already find one about single tactics here:

7 tactical advice for single players:

—Footwork Tutorials——————————————————-
Explosive Start and Split Step:
Advanced Footwork:
China Jump:
Scissor Jump:
Landing und Recovery:
Footwork Styles:

—Technical Tutorials—————————————————————
Grip Tutorial:
Smash and Clear:
Double Defence:
Spinshots at the net:
Sliced Dropshots:
Deceptive Dropshot like Tai Tzu Ying:

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Special Thanks again to WoodyFilms for the amazing editing of this video! Check out his channel for more great stuff:

Another big shout out to the BWF for allowing us to use there amazing in game footage from the broadcasting!

You can find the links to the full matches here:

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