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Just doing some public service here, it’s really funny but bad how I had to upload this 3 times with the same video footage. I guess they say, “if you fail, try and try again”. I really disliked my commentary for this tutorial a lot for the past upload but I just left it on since I was too busy/lazy to redo it again. I personally listened to myself and I think this would be more suitable for my subscribers/new players without killing their ears.

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*old description*
Hey everyone, I’m back with a new tutorial, pretty timely considering SimCity 5 is coming out relatively soon (can’t wait!!!), this one is pretty long but contains a lot of essential information and advice on how to make a huge city with a pretty commercial district at the centre, you can watch my city transform, but I really talked too fast on this one… Do like and subscribe if you enjoyed this, and share these videos with other SC4 lovers!

-Start easy with many cash
-Need a regional population of at least 300000 and with educated population, so that demand for high wealth R, C and high tech I are there
-Make a highway pattern similar to a hex sign # (press shift-3)
-The centre of the hex is the commercial centre
-The immediate regions can be lighter commerce for the layered/visual effect
-Its like a tic-tac-toe game with 9 boxes, the centre is commercial, the other 8 is up to you to decide what you want
-Some would be industrial, probably at the corners
-Others would be residential, the 4 boxes adjacent to the commerce, so that the R can reach both the C and I for jobs and to shop etc., while I not too close to C to reduce pollution effects
– the isolated region across the river shall be a suburb to break the monotony of a huge city
– highways, narrow train stations and bus stops are used to improve the traffic of the huge city. the latter two can be downloaded from simtropolis (Jason CW Train Station and Narrow Bus Stops)

Look out for even more videos on building different types of city and also a detailed analysis on the SimCity 5 trailers available on YouTube!

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