In this video today we’re gonna be going over 5 simple building/editing to win more fights if you’re a console Fortnite player. I’m always a really big fan of simple techniques for a few different reasons. First off, they’re actually going to be usable by the majority of players. I get that advanced techniques are really fun to watch and envision yourself using, but a lot of the time they just aren’t practical unless you’re insane at the game. Also simple techniques just take a lot a less practice, and some of these will really require no practice at all. Nobody likes to sit in creative mode and grinding the same technique over and over again trying to get the mechanics down, so with pretty much all of these you won’t really have to do that. And finally, these techniques are usable in very common situations. Again a lot of these advanced techniques are great and all, but they require you to be in some super specific and niche situation that may only occur once every few games, not the case with these. So, I hope you guys enjoy this video!

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