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5 Most AMAZING locations for your Subnautica Base

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Seabases are installations created by the player through the use of the Habitat Builder.
A Seabase provides an area where the Player can return for oxygen, and serves as an alternative to Lifepod 5 as a base of operations. Within a seabase, the player can construct additional storage space, grow food, access Appliances not available in Lifepod 5, and add aesthetic options. Thus Seabases provide safe havens away from the Safe Shallows the player starts in.
In all Game Modes except Creative Mode, entering a Seabase secures the player’s inventory, so if the player dies, they will return to the last Seabase’ they visited and keep all the items in their inventory that they had when they were there (unless they later enter a Cyclops or Lifepod 5).
The player will start out with most of the blueprints they need for a basic Seabase; at bare minimum one needs a Compartment, a Hatch, and a power generator (the Solar Panel is unlocked by default). The initial compartment must be built on or near the ground (or on a Foundation, which is not necessary but provides greater hull integrity and a flat surface to work with), but any additional compartments can overhang without any issue, allowing bases to be built over cliffsides. The player can expand once they’ve gathered more Blueprints.

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5 Most AMAZING locations for your Subnautica Base

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