The highest fully recorded score, as far as I can tell.

The strategy:
1. Hyperspace:
Always attempt hyperspace but only if there are less than 4 lamps on, i.e. do NOT trigger Gravity Well. This focuses on keeping Extra Ball Available.

– If you get an Extra Ball this way (the ball goes into the side kicker), hold the ball and wait until the 4-th hyperspace lamp turns off, then attempt hyperspace again to keep the Extra Ball Available. This waiting may not be worth it if you still have a lot of time on the Center Post and have no side kickers at all.

2. Commendation (3 drop targets in the center)
Since it is very difficult to get 3-rd Level Commendation, only attempt to get it if you already have 2 levels commendation by luck.

3. Missions: only focus taking/clearing missions if you have 4 hyperspace lamps on (strategy 1 takes priority). Mission selection preference:
Set 1: any mission, even Science Mission is fine.

Set 2: Bug Hunt (best), Alien Invasion (good), Rescue Mission (kinda bad).
– Do NOT take the Secret Mission! It is too hard to complete. If you accidentally get it, hold the ball and wait until the fuel runs out to abort the mission.
– Rescue mission is not preferrable. It gets stuck if you have already 4 hyperspace lamps because we don’t want to activate Gravity Well (strategy #1)

Set 3:
– Cosmic Plague (best)
– Stray Comet mission is better than Space Radiation because we can specifically target the right hazard target lights, but have to rely on luck to hit the left ones.
– Black Hole mission might be great or bad (not sure). Upgrading engine is relatively easy, but hitting the Black Hole is hard. You can target it from both paddle (requires bouncing ball if from the left) but probably with very low accuracy.

Set 4: dunno 🙂

4. Replay balls: You can attempt to get one if the yellow or red wormhole lamp is on. Yellow is easier to hit but be careful not to activate Gravity Well. If you have fewer than 4 hyperspace lamps, strategy 1 takes priority IMO (arguable), don’t attempt replay balls unless you are very accurate.

5. Commendation: Level 3 Commendation is very hard to get (yellow drop targets in the center), so I’d only attempt this if I already have 2 levels by chance. In this case, this takes priority over hyperspacing, because we can directly get an extra ball and have less than 30 seconds to do it! We can shoot the drop targets from both paddles.

6. Hazard lights: if one of the side kickers is used up, you can send the ball up to get the hazard lights since it will reactivate the side kickers. But IMO strategy 1 (hyperspacing) should take priority.

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