Here are 30 Base Building Tips, Tricks and Ideas to help you get good at Base Building in No Man’s Sky Beyond. It is a huge part of No Man’s Sky with lots of tricks and established methods that are still relevant in Beyond.

• 00:30 Adjacency Glitching
• 03:00 Awkward Stairs
• 03:57 Stair Railings
• 05:06 Raised Walkways
• 06:02 Extending Base Boundaries
• 08:09 Electromagnetic Towers
• 09:03 Power Pilons
• 10:45 Ground Reclamation
• 11:39 Compact Super Silos
• 14:11 Custom Markers
• 15:37 Snapping Parts Upside Down
• 17:53 Neon Signs
• 20:11 Hiding Wiring Underground
• 22:09 Wire Glitching
• 24:11 Large Indoor Spaces
• 25:47 Conductivity and Lights
• 29:11 One-Way Door (Trap Base)
• 31:37 Logic Switches 101 & One-Way Power Current
• 34:53 Strobe Circuit
• 36:52 Automatic Door
• 38:37 Power Grid Terminal
• 40:37 Shortrange Teleporter
• 43:03 Basic Tips for Complexity
• 45:14 Terrain Preservation
• 46:13 Seed Ship
• 48:23 Building Near Portals
• 49:36 Activated Indium Factory
• 51:41 Chlorine Loop Factory
• 53:06 Mining with Your Ship
• 53:43 Combination Door Lock

No Man’s Sky Beyond News

NMS Permadeath Season 1 (Livestream)
NMS Permadeath Season 2 (Edited Videos)

Join the Union of Allied Systems (UAS) No Man’s Sky Civilisation today!
• Union of Allied Systems Trailer
• Londinium (Twin Capital) 2-1-8-15-1-1-6-6-6-13-3-15
• Sihnon (Twin Capital) 2-1-15-8-1-1-6-6-5-13-3-15
• Frosta Rico (PS4 Normal Only) 3-2-13-10-1-1-6-6-6-13-3-16

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