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A lot of people requested the standing smash so I made this episode, enjoy 🙂


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Tip #1: Try to stay loose throughout the shot
Tip #2: Hit the shuttle with a (almost) stretched arm
Tip #3: Loose grip and tighten upon impact with the shuttle (finger power)
Tip #4: Open up in the chest with elbow aligned with the shoulders
Tip #5: Practice one focus point at the time

Detailed description:

Let’s start by talking about the term KINETIC CHAIN. This is the when we transfer energy from limb to limb, which can only be achieved when relaxing your body. We use our muscles to rotate our hip and that requires energy from our muscles. If we don’t stay relaxed the energy from our lower body will not be added to our whole movement and so on. This is the principle of the KINETIC CHAIN.

Also, we can channel energy (force) from the ground. We use the ground by pushing down and twisting with our legs to rotate our hips. The hips then rotates our upper body and so on.

As we exhale and hold our breath we can increase the force and energy output from our movements. Being aware of our breath in every situation and of course know how we should breathe, and especially the power shots, increases our ability to breathe. Yes, you heard me. Training our breathing WILL improve both explosiveness and stamina, as our breathing also is dependent on breathing muscles. Breathing is a skill.


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