In this video, I’ll cover

– Forehand serve 1:18
– Backhand serve 1:40
Baseline 2:01
– Lobbing 2:19
– Drop shot 2:46
– Smashing 3:01

Mid-court 3:16
– Lift 3:28
– Block 3:36
– Drive 3:49

Front-court 4:03
– Lift 4:21
– Net 4:30
– Net-kill 4:40
– Flick 4:57

This video is meant to be a quick intro to the different techniques and the jargon. For in-depth guides on each skill, search them up on Youtube, the names of them are 👆

Remember, keep practicing the skills that you’re weaker in, and in time you’ll be able to use it effectively in a competitive match! Train hard!

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