After many hours playing this game by myself and with RivalPhoenix, there were a few things I’ve noticed that may come in handy for those who struggle with their Gungeon crawling adventures.
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00:55 – #1: Health that you can’t pick up can be saved for later.
01:11 – #2: You CAN put off the fire in the fireplace.
01:42 – #3: You don’t always have to reload your weapon to keep shooting.
01:57 – #4: Don’t be afraid of using your blanks.
02:03 – #5: ALWAYS shoot the chests once before opening them.
02:32 – #6: Destroy ALL the chests that you can’t or won’t open.
02:47 – #7: You can steal from the shopkeeper or any merchant by…
03:28 – #8: Do NOT shoot in the shop, unless you see the Clown Mask, Drill or Loot Bag.
03:57 – #9: Don’t pick up the Old Crest as soon as you find it. Fight the Blobulord first.
04:32 – #10: ‘Coolness’: The higher it is, the faster the cooldown of active items is.

Music used in the screenshots reveal: The Flintstones (Genesis) – Boss Battle Theme

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