In this bass fishing tips video I show you the #1 pond fishing tip for winter bass fishing. Bass fishing the bank can be super difficult in the winter fishing period but, if you start pond fishing like this you will catch more bass this winter. I show you how to pond fish during the winter fishing period and how to break down a pond to catch more bass while bass fishing. Let me know if you like these bass fishing tip videos and what bass fishing tip videos you would like to see next! Also let me know if you would like to see more pond fishing videos / winter bass fishing videos!

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Best Bass Fishing Knot –

Bass Fishing Gear used in this video :

13 Fishing Concept Z (reel) –
13 Fishing Fate Chrome (rod) –
Seaguar Florocarbon –
Jig –
Dropshot Hooks –
Dropshot Weights –
Megabass Jerkbait –

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